TROY student works toward degree while building social media brand

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — A Troy University student is not only working toward her degree, but also building her very own brand.

Content creators are becoming more popular every day. Some are sitting right next to you in class. Maya Salone is just one of many.

“I wanted to get out of my shell,” Salone said. “I was very nervous and introverted so I felt like if I needed to be a voice and speak to my youth, what better way than to reach out through social media?”

Salone’s first video was three years ago but that is not where she started.

“When I was younger I used to record on my mom’s phone and like have a Maya’s daytime but it was just for fun and games. As I got older I started to think maybe this is my passion.”

Not only is Salone a content creator, she’s also a Shein ambassador for Troy University.

“I was able to have the opportunity of going to Hollywood, California, and it was all expenses paid for,” Salone said. “It was by Shein it was because I promoted so much.”

Thursday night, Salone was a co-host at Studio 7.