Cooler temperatures cause debate among students

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — After months of warm weather, cooler temperatures have finally arrived in Troy.

However, the cooler temperatures seemed to have brought mixed reactions.

Some students told TrojanVision they are excited for the cooler weather.

“I love the cold weather, said student Nicholas Locklar. “Coming from a really dry desert climate, it’s just a nice change of pace and I just like it.”

Others said they are not a fan.

“I do not like it at all,” student Zoey Williams said. “I hate the cold weather. I just wish we didn’t have cold weather because with my sinuses, it just makes it real bad and I have asthma so it just makes it a lot worse. I just don’t like the cold.”

One student has a plan to deal with the cold.

“Definitely going to put on more layers and and better socks,” Anna Parrish said.

One thing most students can agree on is the cold weather threw them for a loop.

“I didn’t prepare very well today so I’m a little cold,” Parrish said.

Whether you’re team cold weather or team warm weather, only time will tell if cold temperatures are here to stay.