Arboretum tree named largest of its species in Alabama

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — A Pond Pine tree located in the Troy University Arboretum has reclaimed its title as the largest of its species in the state of Alabama.

The Pinus serotina, also known as the pond pine, showcases the natural biodiversity that can be found in the state of Alabama.

“It was discovered back in the 1990s and it was actually state champion then, but a larger one was found in another county,” Arboretum Director Dr. Alvin Diamond explained. “Despite the other challengers in the state, the tree, thanks to routine maintenance, has reclaimed its crown.

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“We want want to work with ones that are rare or threatened or in danger and this is one of the species,” Diamond explained.

According to Diamond, the arboretum focuses on protecting the animals and plants that call the space home. It also aims to get people into nature.

“Encourage everybody to come out with this wonderful Spring weather,” Diamond told TrojanVision. “Plenty of places to walk, picnic, and just enjoy the nice springtime.”

The Pinus serotina is located on the self-guiding Magnolia Trail, which is about a half mile long.