TROY hosts Southeast Journalism Conference

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Trojan territory was extra crowded when Troy University hosted the 2024 Southeast Journalism Conference (SEJC).

“It’s made up of several dozen schools that come together in order to have their student journalist network, and have better access to professional journalist and just ignite a passion for the industry,” said Robbyn Taylor, 2024 SEJC President.

Many students traveled multiple hours to TROY to learn more about journalism.

“I feel like I’ve had networking opportunities, working with other people around my age that wanted to do the same thing after graduation,” said student Lizzie Tomlin, who traveled from Mississippi State. “I think that’s probably been when I got the most out of it. I learned a lot about you know the industry, and what the industry looks like today.”

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Students like Tomlin got to participate in a variety of on-site competitions that reflected real-world job responsibilities.

“I’ve never been to like an actual press conference,” Tomlin explained. ““ so “I thought it was really interesting to see the actual setup of what a press conference is gonna look like in the future when I’m reporting on one, and on top of that, I just felt like it was kind of different because I didn’t have all my sources there right in front of me. I kinda had to organically go find other sources to kinda support the stories that I was writing.”

Professionals within the industry also traveled to TROY to provide advice to aspiring journalists.

“I hope it gave them a more realistic expectation on what to search for,” said WSFA reporter Simon Schuessler. “Hopefully I can save them from some of the troubles that I’ve had personally entering into the business. I hope I was able to give them some good advice.”

Next year’s Southeast Journalism Conference will be hosted by Mississippi State University.