1960 Homecoming Queen reflects on time at TROY

November 7, 2019

As Homecoming approaches, former Trojans find themselves reminiscing about Homecomings past and the ways the University has changed over the course of the last century.

Jane Spear Braswell came to Troy University as a student in 1958 and spent the next four years fitting in as much activity and fun as she could between classes.

Here, Braswell, the 1960 Homecoming Queen, reflects back on her time on campus, including her many honors and achievements.

Images of Jane Spear Braswell from the 1959 Palladium, Troy University's yearbook.

“There weren’t that many people at TROY then. We had a student union, and I remember the students would go over and play bridge and get snacks, and this is one interesting thing: when I was there, the girls could not wear jeans or pants to the student union. You had to cover with a raincoat. You weren’t allowed to run around in shorts or jeans. They were very strict. You had to dress what they considered appropriately.”

Image of Jane Spear Braswell in the 1959 Palladium.

Braswell was voted Campus Beauty and Christmas Queen in her sophomore year of 1959. “It was kind of like a big high school at the time. There were not many places to eat like there are now, and we would walk up to town many times. There was one little café that would serve us, and we would walk back to campus. It was a treat to do that.”

Jane Spear Braswell as a TROY cheerleader in 1960

She spent one season, 1960, as a cheerleader for the then-Red Wave. “It was by popular vote. Back then, you did not have to be a gymnast like cheerleaders do now. We had long skirts and sweaters with a ‘T.’ I do remember us riding on buses to the away games.”

Jane Spear Braswell with her fellow Shackelford Hall residents in 1961.

At TROY, Braswell lived at Shackelford Hall. “The girls in the dorm, we did not have sororities. We just mingled in the dorms. You had certain times you had to be back in the dorm if you went out at night. Back then, you were restricted. I can remember girls slipping out the windows, maybe to see their boyfriends. I don’t think they ever got caught, but if you did, you were in trouble.”

Jane Spear Braswell as Homecoming Queen in the 1961 Palladium.

In addition to Homecoming Queen, she was voted Sophomore Favorite, Miss TSU and Sweetheart of the Argonauts while a student. “It was a different, but it was a fun day. It was just a fun place to be. I met many dear friends there and had many good times. I even met my future husband there.”

Jane Braswell (middle) with her children, Lynn Haynes and Bradley Braswell.
Jane Braswell (middle) with her children, Lynn Haynes and Bradley Braswell.