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TROY, Army sign agreement to allow transfer of credit for graduate degrees

June 4, 2019
By Clif Lusk

An agreement today signed at Fort Benning’s Bradley Hall will allow the seamless transfer of graduate-level course credit for studies at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation.

Held in WHINSEC’s Gallery of Liberators, which commemorates the heroes for independence in North, Central and South America, the formal signing ceremony between TROY Chancellor Dr. Jack…

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Air Force cadet soaring to new heights this summer

May 29, 2019
By Clif Lusk

For one Troy University Air Force ROTC cadet, “off we go into the wild blue yonder” is taking on a literal meaning this summer.

Cadet Colonel Savannah Farris, a senior rehabilitation and disabilities studies major from Killen and newly appointed cadet wing commander for Detachment 017, is taking to the skies as one of just…

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TROY’s Govind Menon addresses plastics recycling before U.S. House

May 15, 2019
By Matt Clower

It can be found along roadsides, in rivers, and accumulating in massive patches in the world’s oceans—the deluge of plastic waste cluttering the environment is a growing threat to ecosystems. 

Recycling may be a way to stem the tide, but current limits in technology and resources means plastics recycling lags far behind the amount of…

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