New film from alumnus Scott Lumpkin offers ‘hope’ during pandemic

"I Still Believe," a movie produced by Scott Lumpkin about Christian artist Jeremy Camp, is now available on demand.

Troy University alumnus and renowned film producer Scott Lumpkin hopes his new on-demand movie can bring some hope to people during a dark time in the world.

I Still Believe,” currently available on demand, is the story of Grammy Award-winning contemporary Christian artist Jeremy Camp, and it became available to the public just as the world was shutting down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lumpkin, a 1995 TROY graduate who has worked on films with stars like Will Ferrell and Jackie Chan for more than two decades, believes the movie serves a valuable role during the current crisis.

Scott Lumpkin gestures during a visit to Troy University in 2017.
Scott Lumpkin

“This is [Camp’s] story of hope and how his relationship with God helped guide him through some really trying times as his first wife, Melissa, fought cancer,” Lumpkin said. “It’s a story that allows you to look outside of the immediate world at what’s to come: the future. As we all sit inside and stress out about what we can’t do, where we can’t go, what we don’t have or are losing because of the current situation, I think this movie gives hope that there is a bright future on the horizon.”

Lumpkin shot the film in Mobile and Baldwin counties in Alabama, and the local ties extend into the crew as well, as the film’s directors are Alabama natives.

The project took a lot of hard work and unity to bring together, and for Lumpkin, the timing of its release was a small miracle.

“Like any and all of my projects, I love seeing them get out to the world and hearing the responses from the audience. This one in particular had fantastic timing,” he said. “It really was something that everyone could cling to and really did give the hope. Jon and Andy Erwin, the directors, are also from Alabama, so it was fun working with them on what I called the perfect timing for Alabama to unite, and funny enough, the stars aligned for it to be this film. It’s been said before that it takes about eight miracles to get a movie made in the first place, and I really believe the timing of the release of this to the world must have been a ninth.”

The film’s cast includes KJ Apa, Britt Robertson and Gary Sinise.

Another Lumpkin-produced film, the 2018 Gerard Butler-starring “Den of Thieves,” premieres May 1 on Netflix.

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