TROY alumna Lynne Koplitz featured in new Netflix comedy special

TROY alumna Lynne Koplitz stars in a new standup comedy special on Netflix,

TROY alumna Lynne Koplitz stars in a new standup comedy special on Netflix, "Lynne Koplitz: Hormonal Beast."

A Troy University alumna is the star of a new standup comedy special on Netflix.

The titular star of “Lynne Koplitz: Hormonal Beast” graduated from TROY with a degree in theatre arts and has spent more than two decades honing her craft as a comedian.

In “Hormonal Beast,” Koplitz reflects on topics such as age and relationships.

“The real major theme is that, in a stylish and fun way, I’m reporting the truth as I see it about men and women and life, and giving little pearls of wisdom about these things,” she said. “Because I’m a comic, I spend a lot of time with men, and it’s weird how much men will say to me, ‘You don’t need to know how true that was.’ I think I’m just a straight shooter and say what people know about ourselves and the other sex.”

While her confidence is obvious on stage, it’s been a long journey to get to this point.

For Koplitz, the Netflix special, which debuted this week, is the culmination of hard work and divine intervention.

“It’s weird to say, given my material, but I find myself talking to God a lot,” Koplitz said. “Joan Rivers was one of my mentors, and she believed you just persevere and keep doing it. I was coming back from a horrible gig when I got a call saying, ‘You’re being asked to open for Louis C.K. at (Madison Square Garden).’”

An ad for Lynne Koplitz' new Netflix comedy special.Koplitz never saw herself performing in front of 20,000 people at “the world’s most famous arena,” and as she stood backstage at the Garden, she found herself conversing with an unlikely figure.

“I said to God, ‘I told you if you opened the doors, I’d walk through them, but please don’t let me fall on my face,’” Koplitz said. “I did pretty well, and I thought, ‘That’s done. It’s off the bucket list, and that was really something. Thank you, God.’ Then I get a call three weeks later, ‘Do u want to go with Louis to Chicago? You need to be at the airport in two hours. Meanwhile I’ve kind of been broke. I’m freaking out – ‘Thank you, God.’”

Later, when she was opening for Louis C.K.’s Netflix special, she caught the eye of executives in the audience.

“(One of the executives) said his wife was at the show and turned to him during my set and asked, ‘Why isn’t Lynne on Netflix?’ There aren’t middle-aged women doing specials on Netflix. They were looking for some spice or variety. He called me and said, ‘We really want to do this with you.’ I said to God, ‘You so funny.’”

Koplitz said Netflix is fostering a renaissance in televised standup comedy.

“It has broadened the horizon for us so much,” she said. “Netflix has been so embracing of comedians, female as well as male, which I find awesome, new comedians as well as established ones. They’re carving a niche where if someone wants to watch an hour of standup, they’re going there for it instead of the comedy channel like they used to. Louis and Amy (Schumer) and sarah silverman, there are all these fantastic specials.”

“Lynne Koplitz: Hormonal Beast” is currently available to stream through Netflix and is intended for mature audiences.