It Came from the Archives: The Weems Family

June 5, 2019
By Dr. Marty Olliff

This 1941 photograph shows the first two graduates of the new 12th grade curriculum offered at Columbia High School in Columbia, Alabama, Mabel Weems (16) and Euffie Weems (18). The story of both their family and their journey to complete 12th grade is worth knowing.

The African American side of the Weems Family of Columbia,…

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It Came from the Archives: The Life and Times of Dr. Espy

April 30, 2019
By Dr. Marty Olliff

Life in early-twentieth-century rural communities was very different – and far more informally personal – than life today. We can see this when we compare our business activities with those of Dr. Curtis Espy of Midland City, Alabama.

Dr. Espy was a well-known physician and business owner. He was born in Abbeville in 1876, graduated…

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“Mamma Mia!” production prompts ABBA revisit

April 25, 2019
By Michael Bird, M. Ed.

Last Friday, a bus load of juniors and seniors from Tallassee High School attended the Troy University production of MAMMA MIA!  It was staged at the Claudia Crosby Theatre, inside C.B. Smith Hall (named for Charles Bunyan Smith, a former president of Troy University but also the founding superintendent of Tallassee City Schools). Our students were…

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