Troy University welcomes new faculty members as new academic year kicks off

August 14, 2017

Troy University welcomed new faculty members for the 2017-2018 academic year during Friday’s Faculty/Staff Convocation.

The annual event, which signals the start of a new academic year, was held in the Claudia Crosby Theater on the Troy Campus and live streamed through the University’s website. Term classes at TROY begin today, while classes on the Troy Campus begin on Wednesday.

New faculty members, rank and department within the College of Arts and Sciences are:
• Michelle Armstrong, lecturer, Mathematics;
• Dr. Stephen Carmody, assistant professor, Social Science;
• Dr. Maurice Clark, assistant professor, Chemistry and Physics;
• Cheryl Deloughery, detachment commander, Air Force ROTC;
• Dr. Imren Dinc, assistant professor, Computer Science;
• Dr. Michael Donnelly, lecturer, Biology;
• Dr. Grady Gambrel, lecturer, Chemistry and Physics;
• Caleb Hamilton, lecturer, Biology;
• Dr. Brian Helms, assistant professor, Biology;
• Dr. Long Ma, assistant professor, Computer Science;
• Jessie Mooney, associate professor of military science, Army ROTC;
• Dr. Nicholas Newman, assistant professor, Mathematics;
• Shaun Pearsall, senior military instructor, Army ROTC;
• Dr. Katherine Stewart, assistant professor, Chemistry and Physics; and
• Dr. Rajintha Tiskumara, lecturer, Chemistry and Physics.

New faculty members, rank and department within the Sorrell College of Business are:
• Dr. Courtney Baggett, assistant professor, Risk Management;
• Dr. Charles Coco, lecturer, Management;
• Dr. Clint Relyea, associate professor, Management; and
• Dr. Dewey Todd, assistant professor, Information Systems/Quantitative Methods.

New faculty members, rank and department within the College of Communication and Fine Arts are:
• Kenneth Beck, lecturer, Music;
• Brittany Bodley, assistant professor, Theatre & Dance;
• James Boyd, lecturer, Theatre & Dance;
• Dr. Dave Camwell, associate professor, Music;
• Frank Marquette, professor of practice, Theatre & Dance;
• Dr. Heather Small, assistant professor, Music;
• Susan Smith, lecturer, Music; and
• Dr. Jason Sulliman, assistant professor, Music.

New faculty members, rank and department within the College of Education are:
• Dr. Lora Bailey, professor, Division of Education;
• Angela Carpenter, lecturer, Division of Education;
• Dr. David Dyson, lecturer, Leadership;
• Dr. Shirley Farrell, assistant professor, Division of Education;
• Kelly Godwin, lecturer, Leadership;
• Jessica Moran, lecturer, Division of Education; and
• Micah Pelham, lecturer, Division of Education.

New faculty members, rank and department within the College of Health and Human Services are:
• Joy Butler, lecturer, BSN;
• Dr. Kasey Chance, assistant professor, BSN;
• Amy Cox, lecturer, Social Work;
• Dr. Kaseanna Duffey, lecturer, Social Work;
• Adrien Evans, lecturer, ASN;
• Dr. Andrew Goldsmith, assistant professor, Hospitality, Sport & Tourism Management;
• Sara McKee, lecturer, Social Work; and
• Dr. Shunda Wilburn, assistant professor, ASN.

The new faculty member in the Library is Elizabeth Dill, assistant professor, director of the Dothan Campus library.