Alabama Supreme Court to hold special session at the Troy Campus

October 24, 2017

Students and members of the public will get the chance to view Alabama’s highest court in action when the state Supreme Court holds a special session at the Troy Campus on Wednesday, Nov. 8.

The session will start 9 a.m. inside Claudia Crosby Theatre in Smith Hall. The proceedings, during which justices will hear oral arguments on a pair of cases, are open to the public.

Clerk of Court Julia Weller said the Supreme Court regularly goes “on the road” in order to give students and members of the public a more convenient opportunity to view a session and learn more about the judicial system.

“We feel like it is important to reach out to the community and give students, or anyone who wants to learn about the legal system, a chance to see the court in person,” Weller said.

This is the not the first time TROY has hosted a session of the state Supreme Court. The court previously held a special session at the Troy Campus in 1991, which was shown live by TROY TrojanVision (then known as TSU-TV). It marked the first time a session of the Supreme Court had been broadcast live.

Although members of the public may view the proceedings, photography and video of the session are prohibited without prior written approval by the court. For more information, visit