Business Foundation certificate speeds path to MBA for non-business majors

A new certificate program is making it easier for non-business majors to enroll in the MBA program.

A new certificate program is making it easier for non-business majors to enroll in the MBA program.

The Sorrell College of Business has streamlined the process for non-business majors to enroll in the MBA program through a certificate program.

The Master in Business Administration, often considered the premier graduate business program, is a highly desired degree, even by students who did not originally major in business. Unfortunately, such students generally lack business prerequisites for the MBA program, said Dr. Judson Edwards, Dean of the Sorrell College of Business.

“We’ve had an MBA program here at TROY for many years, and one of the challenges we’ve faced is that students who come into the MBA program from a discipline outside of business lack the proper business foundations in order to start the program,” Edwards said.

The Business Foundations program offered through Continuing Education provides an affordable way to acquire those MBA prerequisites. The four courses—Understanding Corporate Finance, Business Math and Statistics, Financial Accounting and Fundamentals of Economics—are online, self-paced and cost $195 each. Completing the course results in a business foundations certificate and meets the entrance requirements for the MBA.

Hear Dr. Edwards discuss the program on Trojan Talk:

“This is an affordable and user friendly way for someone to walk away with a credential at the same time as earning an opportunity to go into the MBA program,” Edwards said.

Dr. Robert Wheatley, Director of Graduate Programs for the College of Business, said the courses could also serve as a refresher for students who have not taken classes in a while, or who need more math preparation.

“The courses guide students through the program, so they are very effective and our students do well,” Wheatley said.

Students interested in the MBA should contact the Sorrell College of Business to have their transcripts reviewed and receive advisement on which courses are needed to enter the MBA program.