Chancellor talks Trojan Warrior Spirit in new commercials

August 23, 2017

Troy University Chancellor Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr., discusses what the Trojan Warrior Spirit means in a new series of commercials airing now on television and online.

Produced in partnership with TROY’s marketing agency, Chemistry Atlanta, the new series debuted this week. In them, Dr. Hawkins discusses the meaning of the Trojan Warrior Spirit, and how the University meets the needs of traditional students as well as working adults and members of the military.

The new spots continue the Trojan Warrior Spirit campaign, which launched in 2014, and focuses on the leadership, determination and other positive qualities embodied by TROY students and graduates around the world.

“When we started planning this new series of commercials, we realized that there is really no one who better displays the Trojan Warrior Spirit than Dr. Hawkins,” said Donna Schubert, Associate Vice Chancellor for Marketing and Communications. “His vision and leadership and have made Troy University a global leader in higher education. He is the perfect person to share the Trojan Warrior Spirit with prospective students.”

For Dr. Hawkins, the Trojan Warrior Spirit is a way of life.

“The Trojan Warrior Spirit means the ability to succeed and the persistence required to succeed,” Dr. Hawkins said. “That whatever the task is, you’re prepared to pay the price to overcome. I think that’s where the Trojan Warrior Spirit makes the difference, because it gives us the strength to take that extra step, and it’s often in that extra step where success is found.”

The new commercials are airing in local markets and can be watched on TROY’s YouTube Channel: