Farmhouse funds cancer research

October 11, 2017

Troy University’s chapter of Farmhouse Fraternity has become the first known school-based organization to endow a research grant for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society that will study Hodgkin’s Disease.

“Cancer has impacted each of our brothers’ lives in some way, whether it be a friend or loved one,” said Andrew Dearing, the chapter’s president. “When we work hard every semester to help LLS find a cure, we personally connect with our cause and know that our hard work is going to good use.”

Adopted as the international fraternity’s philanthropy, the TROY chapter raised $25,000 through various efforts – including its annual Crawfish Boil – and presented the funds to the LLS of Alabama/Gulf Coast this fall.

Farmhouse Chapter President Andrew Dearing with Chancellor Hawkins.

Farmhouse Chapter President Andrew Dearing with Chancellor Hawkins.

“This is an amazing feat,” said TROY alumna Tricia Center, who serves as the Society’s student series campaign manager in Alabama. “With this money, they are now sponsors of a research portfolio that will support multiple projects leading research to help us eradicate blood cancers.”

“Through this research grant, sponsored by our fraternity, we hope to do save lives through cancer research. We are blessed as a brotherhood to have the opportunity to work with LLS to help make a difference,” Dearing said.

Dearing said that Hodgkin’s was a particular draw for the men of the chapter because one of its members had faced a battle with the blood-borne cancer. Because of the chapter’s work, the endowed grant that now bears the organization’s name will continue to fund research into the future.

“Hodgkin’s is most common in college-aged men, and as men who are blessed with good health, we have a duty to serve those less fortunate. For years, LLS has fully utilized our service to help cure blood cancer and every penny we donate helps researchers take one step closer to saving lives,” he said.