New students learning the ropes at TROY’s biggest IMPACT

July 12, 2017

Troy University’s biggest IMPACT new student orientation to date is underway at the Troy Campus, with 2,000 incoming freshmen and transfer students learning everything they need to know about becoming Trojans.

This year’s IMPACT had reached its capacity before the first session started in June.

“This is our biggest one yet,” said Jacob Grant, director of IMPACT and special programs. “Last year, it was almost July before we were filled up. With this one, we were full before the first session even started. We’ve increased 20 spots in each session over last year.”

The orientation program consists of nine two-day sessions for incoming freshmen and two for transfer students.

“IMPACT is an opportunity for incoming students to come and get a lot of experience about the University, meeting current students, meeting organizations, learning all the technical stuff they need to know and, of course, getting their class registration completed,” said Jacob Grant, director of IMPACT and special programs.

Micah Smith, a recent graduate of Prattville High School, said she’s used IMPACT to make friends before becoming a full-fledged college student.

“I’ve met a lot of new people and made some connections,” said Smith, who chose TROY because of its proximity to her home. “It was close to my home, but also far away enough that I could get away. When I first heard of TROY, I thought, ‘I don’t want to go there, it’s small, blah blah blah.’ But once I finally visited the campus, I really liked it.”

Several factors led Smith Station High School graduate Caulin Jordan to choose TROY.

“The campus is smaller than some, and that’s more of a personal preference for me, because I don’t feel like being in a classroom with 100 students where I’ll get overlooked by the professor,” said Jordan, a Phenix City native. “TROY has high standards for academics. TROY just seems like a great fit for me personally.”

Jordan said IMPACT has given him a crash course in life at TROY.

“IMPACT’s been fun,” he said. “For starters, you’ve got to connect with the professors and get to know them outside of class. I’m getting a real introduction to campus. It’s beautiful, and it’s filled with brilliant people from what I can tell.”

IMPACT organizers hope the incoming freshman learn from the current TROY students volunteering at the sessions.

“I’ve got 14 great student leaders helping me, and the main thing I hope these incoming students get is that same fire and passion for TROY that these current students have,” Grant said. “If they can get fired up about TROY, that’s going to breed a whole new generation of Trojans that are really invested in this university.”

IMPACT lasts through July 20.