Parking paving the way for growth

July 26, 2017

Troy University students and visitors will find convenient parking a little easier later this fall when a new 548-space parking lot opens in the campus’ center.

Located adjacent to the Trojan Center, Dean of Student Services Herb Reeves said the lot provides easy access to both academic buildings and student services, as well as additional athletic venue parking.

“It’s a huge increase in the amount of spaces on campus,” he said, “and it’s convenient parking in the center of campus.”

The land being used for its construction is adjacent to existing parking near the track and field facility, and is being reclaimed from what once was just a gully. Reeves said there would be multiple entrances to the new lot.

An aerial view of the parking lot being built at the Troy Campus.

An aerial view of the parking lot being built at the Troy Campus.

It is expected to open in mid- to late-October – paving the way for construction on the new Student Recreation Center to get under way.

The rec center project will temporarily take way about 250 parking spaces.

“When construction begins, we’ll lose some parking (on campus) but the new lot will still give us a net gain of about 300 spaces. When the Rec Center is finished all of that new parking will put us over the 500 –space mark,” Reeves said.

Construction on the Rec Center is expected to begin in late November or early December 2017.

Meanwhile the new lot will cost about $3.2 million to complete and will be funded by a combination of parking fees and University resources, said Dr. Jim Bookout, Senior Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business Affairs, who is leading the construction effort.