Peevy encourages TROY students to do right, serve others and become leaders

Dr. Larry Peevy provides Troy University students with three keys to success during Monday's Honors Convocation on the Troy Campus.

Dr. Larry Peevy provides Troy University students with three keys to success during Monday's Honors Convocation on the Troy Campus.

Dr. Larry Peevy, President and Head of School of Tallulah Falls School, challenged Troy University students on Monday to always do what is right, look for ways to serve others and learn to be leaders.

Speaking to the annual Honors Convocation held in the Claudia Crosby Theater on the Troy Campus, Dr. Peevy told students that their reputations would follow them throughout their lives.

“Once you lose a good reputation, life becomes extremely difficult,” he said. “If you always do what you think is right though, your reputation will hold its value and even be enhanced. Those people who get to know you well, and, in many cases, some who have never had a chance to meet you, will hold you in high esteem because they know you are a person of integrity, a person they can respect and a person they can trust. Those are the things they teach here at Troy University.”

Dr. Peevy noted that in his early years as an administrator he focused on his own career success and happiness before realizing his focus was misplaced.

“I noticed over the years that most of the people I considered to be successful were those who reached out to help other people,” he said. “When you go out of your way to help other people, you get a tremendous feeling of satisfaction. As you go through life, use this great education you are receiving at Troy University to reach out and help others. It is going to make you feel good, and it is going to enhance your reputation.”

Students bare the responsibility to become the leaders they were intended to be, but an important part of that process is realizing that very little is accomplished without the help of others, Dr. Peevy said. And, true leaders give credit where credit is due.

“You can’t accomplish your vision by yourself. It takes people to help you,” he said. “And once you accomplish your vision, the final and most important thing you must do as a leader is to give 100% credit to those who helped you. By recognizing others, you accomplish your goals, you feel great pride, your vision turns into reality and these people become part of your team. The end result of everything I’ve talked about here tonight is that your main objective should always be accomplishing the vision, not taking the credit.”

By following those three simple tenants, students will not only impact their own lives and the lives around them, but also inspire future generations.

“If you will focus on these three simple things you will be a highly respected leader, you’ll assist others along the way and you will have done the right thing,” Dr. Peevy said. “You will develop into the type of leader that will accomplish great things, but most importantly, your leadership will influence and inspire future generations.”

Monday’s convocation honored TROY students for their academic achievements within each of the University’s five colleges, including those inducted into various honor societies. Also, among the awards presented during the convocation were the Ingalls Award for Excellence in Classroom Teaching, the Dr. Robert Kruckeberg Faculty Excellence Award, the Teresa Penn Rodgers Excellence in Student Advising Award and the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards.

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