Trojan Outreach launches project to raise awareness of domestic violence

The display is located inside the Trojan Center.

The display is located inside the Trojan Center.

Troy University’s Trojan Outreach has launched its Clothesline Project to help bring awareness to violence against men, women and children.

Morgan “Rose” Williams is the coordinator of Trojan Outreach, a campus organization where students are “committed to promoting and influencing a culture that is focused on health, wellness and safety by empowering and engaging the campus community to make healthy decisions.”

The Clothesline Project is just one of the numerous projects they organize each year.

“It’s a display that we put up in Trojan Center that talks about interpersonal violence, domestic violence and sexual assault,” Williams said. “It was made in Cape Cod to spread awareness about violence, and our shirts were made to help spread that awareness as well.

“It helps students in solidarity and those who were impacted by interpersonal violence.”

Trojan Outreach’s efforts to spread awareness includes a T-shirt display that shows statistics, encouragement and emotional expression about interpersonal violence.

“We have the display in Trojan Center across from the post office, and we’ve designed and made shirts for students to take and color,” Williams said. “We also have shirts from last year that were made by campus organizations and clubs.”

The organization also partnered with 101 Elite Men and Freshman Forum to “chalk the quad.”

“We partnered with them earlier this month to put statistics on the John Lewis quad about interpersonal violence and domestic violence,” Williams said. “We also put inspirational quotes there to say that you’re not alone and to keep pushing forward.”

Williams says that many of the people around us have been victims of interpersonal violence, which is why the Clothesline Project is a necessity.

“It’s very necessary because you never know who’s going through these situations,” Williams said. “You can have a roommate, a best friend or brother that could be going through this.

“We really want students to understand how prevalent this is.”

Students can get involved by going to the display in Trojan Center. There you’ll find a QR code that will take you to Trojan Outreach’s Instagram page where they’ve posted a video with additional information about the Clothesline Project.

Students can also get a shirt from the display and color it to help spread awareness.