TROY, Alabama Public Television taking students on virtual trip to Vietnam Veterans Memorial

March 7, 2018

Troy University is a sponsor for a virtual field trip that will take Alabama school children to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. without them ever having to leave their classroom.

Alabama Public Television’s “Vietnam Veterans Memorial Learning Adventure” is a live streamed webcast that will take students to the memorial, where they learn about the war through compelling stories grounded in the personal experiences of Alabama veterans and others who were touched by the Vietnam War. Student reporters will conduct interviews, experience a virtual draft, visit the Memorial with a veteran and consider the lasting effects of the war.

“Troy University has long been a proud partner to the U.S. military and our country’s veterans, and we are excited to help bring this unique opportunity to Alabama classrooms, which will highlight the service and sacrifice of our Vietnam veterans,” said Maj. Gen. Walter D. Givhan, USAF, Ret., TROY’s Senior Vice Chancellor Advancement and Economic Development.  “As Alabama’s International University, we are also heavily engaged in higher education in Vietnam as we help lead the ongoing transformation of our relationship with that country.”

The “Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Learning Adventure” will stream live this Thursday, March 8, at 10 a.m. and noon CST. For more information or to sign up to watch, visit the APTIQ website.

Alabama Public Television’s IQ Learning Network produces one or more Learning Adventures each school year. These webcasts are designed to be live streamed at specific, scheduled times, and feature interactivity. After the webcast, Learning Adventures are archived for viewing at any time. Participation is free and open to all who wish to take a field trip without ever leaving the classroom.

Troy University’s service to the military dates back to 1950, and the TROY has been recognized as a leading institution for members of the military and veterans by U.S. News and World report, GI Jobs, Military Times Edge, Advanced Military Education, and more.

Additionally, TROY is an educational partner to the nation of Vietnam, and offers degree programs to students there via partner institutions in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.