Athletics and Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management debut new class

The new Revenue Generation class gives students hands-on experience at TROY football games.

The new Revenue Generation class gives students hands-on experience at TROY football games.

The TROY Athletics Department and the Troy University School of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management have partnered for a new course to give Troy University students a hands-on working experience that will place them ahead of most graduates in practical skill application upon graduation.

“We are thrilled to partner with our colleagues in the School of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management to provide a ‘hands-on’ opportunity for our students as we look to grow together,” TROY Director of Athletics Jeremy McClain said. “As an athletics department, the ‘One Troy’ mantra has been part of our identity for past 18 months, and this collaborative partnership is an outstanding example of what that means.”

“The School of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management is excited to formally partner with the Troy University Athletics Department,” Undergraduate Program Coordinator & Associate Professor Dr. Robert Mathner said. “The mission of our school is to prepare students to become future leaders in the industry and this partnership does just that. In addition, it allows the Troy University Athletics Department to utilize valuable resources to serve our stakeholders so that our student-athletes can have a quality experience at Troy University. This partnership is truly a ‘win-win’, and I am confident that the benefits will be realized for years to come.”

The Revenue Generation class (HSTM 4470) is designed to provide undergraduate students professional sales techniques needed to form a framework for revenue generation in the hospitality, sport and tourism industries. Students will examine the foundations, theory and framework associated with building and fostering relationships necessary for a vibrant client base.

“One of the strengths of our sport management program is the emphasis on experiential opportunities in sport,” Troy University Faculty Athletic Representative Dr. Fred Green said.  “This partnership formalizes this process and helps provide a guideline for all future relationships.  We look forward to working closely with Troy University Athletics in providing real world experiences for our students.”

Students in HSTM 4470 have an active role in TROY football gameday assisting in ticket sales, development, marketing, hospitality and with Troy Sports Properties (Troy’s corporate sales group).  The class also allows students to learn and experience everything relating to the sales process including: pricing, data base marketing, customer service, sales techniques, retention strategies, analytics, ticketing software and many other principles related to the sales and ticketing field.