TROY students respond to Jimmy Fallon with #IGoToTROY

The Tonight Show satirically asked

The Tonight Show satirically asked "Who goes to Troy?" during a segment Wednesday. TROY students are responding in force with #IGoToTROY.

Troy University received a shout out on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night, but not one that most students and fans appreciated.

During an Audience Suggestion Box segment, the show featured a parody Shaquille O’Neil making his March Madness bracket selections. In assessing the TROY vs. Duke game, “Shaq” was dismissive:  “What’s TROY? That’s not a college. Who goes to TROY? No one goes to TROY.”

Check out the clip:

Today, TROY students  and fans are taking to Twitter to let the world know exactly who goes to TROY using #IGoToTROY:

Alumni are showing their support as well with #IWentToTROY:

Head to Twitter and show your support for the Trojans! The Trojans face Duke tomorrow at 6:20 p.m. You can watch the game on TBS.