Vocal Jazz Invitational spreads love, knowledge of singing

March 29, 2018

Troy University students joined with high school, middle school and junior college students at the annual Vocal Jazz Invitational this week to share their passion for singing.

The event, hosted by TROY and the John M. Long School of Music, brings clinicians in to work with the University’s vocal jazz ensemble, frequency, and students from outside the University.

For the first time, junior college students from Snead State’s College Street Singers took part in the two-day event, performing for members of frequency and working alongside them to learn from clinician Ly Wilder.

“We started it to bring in nationally known clinicians to work with our own vocal jazz ensemble,” said Dr. Diane Orlofsky, frequency’s director. “The next day, we invite middle school, high school or, this year, junior college students to campus. It’s a great recruiting tool for us, but allows our student to mingle with other students who are practicing the vocal jazz form.”

A group shot of students at the Vocal Jazz Invitational.

A group shot of students at the Vocal Jazz Invitational.

The event includes workshops, coaching sessions and performances by the groups in attendance.

“This year, we added a new flavor and invited some teachers to participate, so they can have a professional development credit,” Orlofsky said.

Many members of frequency have come from schools that participated in the Vocal Jazz Invitational.

“They’ll hear the group, and then when they audition for a scholarship at TROY, many will say, ‘I heard frequency at this event and would like to be a part of it,’” Orlofsky said. “It helps us recruit and get our name out there, and I also think it’s a great learning tool.”

The members of frequency cheered and supported the other singers at the invitational, creating a sense of camaraderie, Orlofsky said.

“Our students are extremely giving,” she said. “I just saw Snead State perform, and our kids were very energetic and supportive of what they were doing. Our best advertising for Troy University is our students.”