Greek Week is about philanthropy, fun and school spirit

Greek Week brings the campus Greek organizations together for competitions that promote philanthropy, fun and school spirit.

Greek Week brings the campus Greek organizations together for competitions that promote philanthropy, fun and school spirit.

As an outgoing senior and a member of a Greek organization, I’ve reflected on many of the times I’ve had at Troy. My experiences at Troy, both educational and extracurricular, have all been enhanced by joining a Greek organization. Greek Week, a week during the spring dedicated to philanthropy and relationships between the Greek organizations, is by far my favorite.

Many may see Greek Week as a time of competition between organizations or maybe a week dedicated to celebrating the Greek community, but it’s not that simple. There are three reasons we gather together during this week every year: philanthropy, fun, and love for our school.

Philanthropy: Each Greek organization supports its own philanthropy throughout the year, but during this week, we gather together to support great causes. This year, we hosted a Can Castle contest, in which organizations donate as many cans as possible to support Backpack for Kids and build castles with them! We also participate in a day-long blood drive through the American Red Cross. Finally, we host Quarter Wars – a fundraiser in which each organization tries to raise the most money through quarters. This year the proceeds will benefit the Boys and Girls Club as well as the construction of a new playground for children with special needs.

Fun: College students, whether part-time or full-time, are extremely busy people! To be active in a Greek organization, you must be a full-time student and take time to involve yourself in other extracurricular activities. These organizations encourage you to become well-rounded individuals, and that takes work! Greek Week gives members a chance to compete in fun games and take some time away from the bustle of everyday life. We host a tailgate event, play sand volleyball and dodge-ball, compete in Battle of the Bands, race through relay games, and more! All this friendly competition is not without purpose though.

Love for Troy: While we all appreciate our organizations individually, what brings us together is our passion for Troy University. Greeks take a lot of time to support the school and engage in everything it has to offer. We strive for a fulfilling education, support great leadership, and involve ourselves in athletics, other organizations, and cultural experiences that Troy offers. During this week, we celebrate academic and extracurricular achievements with one another at the Order of Omega banquet and reflect on the year that Troy has had. We also welcome prospective students and show them how great Troy is on Spring Preview day!

Greek life has helped to make my experiences at Troy so much better, and Greek Week celebrates all the elements that go into involvement like this! Philanthropy being our main focus, we come together to support a common cause and use our powers for good. We celebrate Troy and how this school has supported our endeavors. And finally, we have some fun, because nobody ever said college should be boring! Even if you aren’t a part of a Greek organization, we invite you to reach out to a member and attend as many events as you can! We are Trojans, one and all.