Guten Tag from Germany: TROY junior describes challenges, rewards of studying abroad

November 15, 2017

My name is Bailey Anne Corbin, and I am a junior international business major with a concentration in marketing and a minor in German from Panama City, Florida. I am 21 years old, and before Aug. 30, I had never left the USA.

I always thought studying languages was the most boring subject and I avoided it at all costs, starting with our once a week elementary school Spanish lesson to arriving to Troy and refusing to participate in the honors program solely to avoid having to take a language class. I laugh about it now, because every day here in Germany is an immersive language course! What changed? I have always wanted to travel, but when I came to Troy I got involved with a program called “conversation partners,” and began to spend time in community with different people who traveled thousands of miles from their homes to come study in America. They were the bravest people I had ever met, and being around so many different international students really inspired me to go, and for them I am eternally grateful.

Bailey Anne Corbin exploring the mountains in Germany.

Bailey Anne Corbin exploring the mountains in Germany.

When you are young, I think one of the best ways you can look at decisions is not with a “why” attitude, but “why not?” So, as I investigated opportunities abroad, my friend told me about a program here in Germany which offers a generous scholarship and all that came to mind was “why not?” Why not get paid to live in another country? Why not learn another language? Why not leave behind my comfort for the unknown? Will I miss Troy? Yes. I miss Troy present tense. My life in Troy was amazing. I loved being involved in different ways on campus, I loved having to plan out my weeks by the hour instead of the day, and I loved being surrounded by all my favorite people. I am often asked why I would leave. I miss Troy, my life and my friends so much it hurts, but the beautiful reality is every moment of pain I have felt from leaving behind a life that I loved is bested by an incredible moment of great adventure.

Check out some of the sights from Bailey Anne’s travels in Germany:

I am here because I want to slow down and allow my soul to be staggered by the vastness of creation, to be challenged by a new culture and to learn a new language, all while building unique friendships and growing as a person. The Lord knows the deepest desires of my heart – He created me with them! For me to have this dream to travel and study abroad, and for an opportunity to arise that perfectly enables me to live out those dreams, it feels like nothing less than gift from God. So here I am, living in Nürnberg, Germany, and although it is the most challenging thing I have ever done, it is also the most incredible.

I could not be more thankful to be a student at a university that values international relationships the way Troy does and I know I would not have had as great of an opportunity to go abroad anywhere else. I may be at another school for a short while, but I am a Trojan at heart. I am excited to invite my Trojan family into my life here in Germany, and I hope I can inspire you to ask yourself “why not,” the same way my international friends inspired me. God bless and Go Trojans!