Dothan Campus celebrates Homecoming Week

October 26, 2017

Students, faculty and staff celebrated Homecoming Week at the Dothan Campus on Wednesday with a picnic, games and a canned food drive.

With a variety of games and activities set up on the quad, the Student Government Association-sponsored event featured catering from Chick-fil-A and Dothan Ice Cream.

“We do events like this a couple times a year, where we have some games, some music and food set up for everybody,” said Matthew Freeman, the Dothan Campus SGA president. “This is not a traditional campus, so we try to be creative and have fun in bringing everybody together. I think we embody that TROY spirit.”

Gamma Beta Phi sponsored a tent from Dothan Rocks, which allowed people to stop by and paint rocks during the day as part of the Kindness Rocks movement.

“It’s an attempt to create a social environment for our students,” said Sandy Henry, Associate Dean of Student Services. “The only thing that makes our students nontraditional is that they have other responsibilities outside school. We try to do things like this to bring them together and make them part of the University atmosphere, and it’s really important that we do that.”

The Dothan Campus will also have a tailgate tent set up before the Trojans’ game against Georgia Southern this Saturday.

“Dothan students should definitely come up for this game,” Freeman said. “From 11 (a.m.) until 2 (p.m.) we’ll be serving food and just having a good time. If you’re a TROY student, this is something you want to be part of.”