New international students adjusting to life in U.S. during orientation

Orientation is ongoing at the Troy Campus this week for new international students.

Orientation is ongoing at the Troy Campus this week for new international students.

Troy University’s newest international students are getting help in their transition to American college life during orientation this week.

Advisors, professors and student volunteers, many from other countries, are helping the new students adjust.

“It’s exciting,” said Morgan Brantley, an international student advisor. “I love it, because I love seeing their excitement. Some of them, it’s their first time to the U.S., and I love watching them experience new things, learn new things about our culture, even just going to Wal-Mart. I love helping them integrate into the community.”

For Nepal native Neelabh Khetry, his TROY orientation has helped his adjustment to American culture.

“I haven’t been to the United States before, and I really like the people here that I’ve met,” he said. “They’ve been very friendly. I’m experiencing a lot of freedom, because there are things I could not do in Nepal that people are open to in the U.S.”

TROY junior and volunteer Gertrude Kumi has been in Khetry’s position.

“As a student, it’s both exciting and confusing, because you’re new and thinking, ‘What am I supposed to do?’” said Kumi, a Ghana native. “At the same time, it’s exciting to start a new life. The transition can be not too easy, but it’s really helpful to see that there are students who have been through the same thing as you to help your transition.”

The orientation is more hands-on than orientation for domestic students. It includes trips around town to familiarize the students with the area.

“We might pick them up and take them to the bank or the store, and sometimes if they’re arriving late at night, we’ll meet them on campus and make sure they get in safely,” Brantley said. “We also have different sessions that domestic students don’t have.”