Trojan Outreach encouraging students to love themselves

Trojan Outreach's January project is titled

Trojan Outreach's January project is titled "Spring into Self Love," urging students to embrace their flaws.

For some students across campus, January is the time to improve their mental health and to “Spring into Self Love.”

Spring into Self Love is a project led by Trojan Outreach, a campus organization that focuses on mental and physical health among students.

Morgan “Rose” Williams, coordinator of Trojan Outreach, says that the purpose of this month is to embrace your own flaws and focus on both your mental and physical growth.

“Spring into self-love represents appreciating yourself more, giving yourself credit when it’s due,” Williams said.

Body positivity is the priority of this month’s celebration.

“It’s important to spread body positivity because so many of us often look at the bad about ourselves rather than the good,” Williams said. “It’s important because we all share a lot of the same struggles and I think that knowing that others struggle with the same things brings us comfort and lets us realize that we’re not alone in struggling, and to be the best version of ourselves.”

On Jan. 14, Trojan Outreach held an event for students to stop by their table in Trojan Center to write things they love about themselves on paper flowers.

“We then took those same flowers and put them on our display on the wall across from the (Trojan Center) post office,” Williams said. “We also filmed an ‘I Am’ video that will be posted soon.

“We walked around the John Lewis quad and recorded students telling us one word they would use to describe their best feature.”

For the month of February, Trojan Outreach will focus on sexual health.

“We released a survey earlier this week on the Troy Student (Facebook) page about a potential event called ‘Bedside Bags,” Williams said. “This bedside bag would have products to encourage safe sex and good hygiene.

“Students are given the option to get personalized bags of items they’d chose from a list on our survey. We released this survey to assess the need of these products for students. Throughout the month, follow us on Instagram as we will be posting facts, polls and quizzes for students to try out. There will also be a display for all of this with a QR code so students can follow what we’re doing throughout the month.”

The best way that students can get involved with Trojan Outreach is by attending monthly events and following their Instagram to stay up to date.

“Thank you all for supporting us and getting involved with us,” Williams concluded. “Go Trojans!”