Student reporter captures stories of hope, survival in Baton Rouge

October 5, 2016

When Troy University athletics and the local Christian Love Center partnered to bring supplies to flood ravaged Baton Rouge, Louisiana, TrojanVision sent reporter Rachael Wilkerson to capture the story.

But for Wilkerson, a senior broadcast journalism major from Huntsville, what started as an opportunity for hands-on learning quickly became a life changing experience.

“It was definitely a wonderful experience, something that I would never have known,” Wilkerson said. “I see it on TV, and see how it was tragic, but when you actually get to go and experience it for yourself it really opens your eyes and it really changes you.”

Go behind the scenes at TrojanVision as Wilkerson shares what it was like to meet the inspiring survivors coping with loss in Louisiana:

Other members of the TROY community have been active providing aid and support to Baton Rouge, including a group of students who recently completed a volunteer trip, and an alumnus who rescued several people trapped in flooded neighborhoods.