TROY presents Student International Trade Show

April 27, 2018

Troy University’s Sorrell College of Business gave students a chance to run their own trade show this week.

Students in Dr. Clint Relyea’s Management 4478 (Managing in a Global Environment) class took part in the first Student International Trade Show on Thursday, April 26, putting together booths and displays representing countries around the world.

“What we do is assign teams a country that I randomly pick,” said Relyea, coordinator of international business programs and associate professor of management. “Their role is to build a booth like you’d see in a trade show to promote that country both in terms of economic development and tourism.”

Students were judged in three categories: creativity, knowledge of country, and professionalism in booth presentation.

Relyea encouraged students to include artifacts and even food samples of typical meals from their chosen countries.

He said students needed to demonstrate they had the knowledge necessary to conduct business in their assigned country, along with details such as demographics, tourist attractions and geography.

“They had to use that entrepreneurial spirit,” Relyea said. “These kids walked away saying, ‘Wow, that was wonderful.’ They have to know all the economics, the political process, and it’s hands on.”

The winning display was for Iceland, followed by Sri Lanka and Norway.