TROY to present Fall Dance show Nov. 13-18

General admission tickets can be purchased for $5 at the Trojan Center Box Office.

General admission tickets can be purchased for $5 at the Trojan Center Box Office.

Troy University’s Department of Theatre and Dance will present its Fall Dance show from Nov. 13 through Nov. 18 in the Long Hall Dance Studio.

About 70 students in total will participate in the 15 performance pieces, which take place at 7 p.m. Nov. 13-17 and at 2:30 p.m. Nov. 18.

“This student choreographed performance series is an eclectic mix of styles and cultures, from heels to hip hop and ballet to ballroom, and offers a dynamic and thrilling audience experience of dance in the 21st century,” said Dominique Angel, a dance lecturer.

Fall DanceThe Fall Dance pieces include music from artists such as Michael Jackson, Beyonce and Apocalyptica.

“These are fun dances by cool people. The next time you’ll get to see some of these choreographers’ works or some these dancers perform, you’ll be paying hundreds of dollars since they’ll either be backing up Beyoncé or choreographing for her,” said Dante Puleio, assistant professor of contemporary dance. “So catch them while you can, opportunities like this don’t come around often!”

Tickets for the Fall Dance are $5 and can be purchased at the Trojan Center Box Office or online at For more information, call 334-808-6477.

The individual pieces and performers are as follows:

  • Birdland 1949

Choreographer: Madison Antinazi 

Music:  Birdland-Manhatten Transfer 

Light Design: A’lexus Crooms 

Cast: Chloe Arrigo, Hannah Echols, Abigail Howard, Ali Kurhajec, Mary Beth Moore, Erin Smith, Emma Twiggs, Brooke Whigham, Kathryn Williams 

Understudies: Raven Lucas, Le’Mia Mindingall  

  • Attaining Acceptance

Choreographer: Neely Aaron 

Music: Switzerland-Daughter 

Light Design: Jeremy Hodges 

Cast: Blayke Adkinson, Brooke Bates, Katie Breland, London Brison, Kenzie Haynes, Josette LoScalzo, Taylor Randolph, Sydney Wingate 

Understudies: Phebe Brooks, Allyson Trimble  

  • Schoolin’ Life

Choreographer: Erin Smith 

Music: Schoolin’ Life-Beyonce 

Light Design: Jarvis Williams 

Cast: Madison Antinazi, McCall Donoho, Ali Kurhajec, Kiser Olds, Caitlynn Quintela, Nikita Ruffolo, Carly Smith, Miche’ Smith, Makayla Wade 

Understudies: Lilyanna Everett, Birdie Howell  

  • Filling the Void

Choreographer: Jordan Prough 

Music: Liberty-Factor Eight, Ruska-Apocalyptica 

Light Design: Madison Antinazi 

Cast: Drake Dombroski, Katey Fleming, Sarah Beth Ganey, Ella Pittman, Taylor Randolph, Shaina Trumer, Emma Twiggs, Kathryn Williams, Jarvis Williams 

Understudies: Lillie Burke, Anna Cummings  

  • The Way You Make Me Feel

Choreographer: Angelene Kendall 

Music: The Way You Make Me Feel-Michael Jackson 

Light Design: Kenzie Haynes 

Cast: Blayke Adkinson, Chloe Arrigo, Brooke Bates, Anna Cummings, Hannah Echols, Lilyanna Everett, Abigail Howard, Maya Jaramillo, Raven Lucas, Shayla Mosley, Kiser Olds, Ella Pittman, Nikita Ruffolo, Shelby Silliman, Kacey Tinney, Shaina Trumer, Makayla Wade, Deborah Williams, Kathryn Williams, Madison Williams  

  • ___ It Away 

Choreographer: Miche’ Smith 

Music: Cranes in the Sky-Solange Knowles 

Light Design: Joseph Crawford 

Cast: Taylor Bagley, A’lexus Crooms, Katey Fleming, Maya Jaramillo, Ali Kurhajec, Shayla Mosley, Jordan Prough, Taylor Randolph, Shaniya Sauerwald, Emma Shepherd, Makayla Wade 

Understudies: Shelby Silliman, Madison Williams  

  • Any Way You Want It

Choreographer: Anne Greve Knutzen 

Music: Rock of Ages-Chris D’Arienzo 

Light Design: Joseph Crawford 

Cast: London Brison, Phebe Brooks, Graham Butler, Anna Cummings, Drake Dombroski, McCall Donoho, Lilyanna Everett, Sarah Beth Ganey, Carlton Hedman, Birdie Howell, Micayla Johnston, Hannah Jordan, Tyler McClellan, Amber Robinson, Shaniya Sauerwald, Austin Silman, Shelby Silliman, Kacey Tinney, Allyson Trimble, Emma Twiggs, Deborah Williams, Madison Williams  

  • Afro Boricua’

Choreographer: A’lexus Crooms 

Music: Bongo Solo, Celia Cruz-La Negra Tiene’ Tumbao, Marc Anthony-Aquanile’, Daddy Yankee-Limbo, Gente de Zoma ft. Marc Anthony-La Gozadera 

Light Design: Shaniya Sauerwald 

Cast: Taylor Bagley, Brooke Bates, Phebe Brooks, Morgan Brown, Kenzie Haynes, Anne Greve Knutzen, Le’ Mia Mindingall, Caitlynn Quintela, Carly Smith, Miche’ Smith, Brooke Whigham 

Understudies: McCall Donoho, Birdie Howell  

  • Entangled 

Choreographer: Josette LoScalzo 

Music: Keep the Streets Empty for Me-Fever Ray 

Light Design: Taylor Bagley 

Cast: Katie Breland, London Brison, Kenzie Haynes, Abigail Howard, Jordan Prough, Taylor Randolph, Emma Shepherd, Jarvis Williams 

Understudies: Phebe Brooks, Allyson Trimble  

  • Spectacular Vibes

Choreographer: Jarvis Williams 

Music: Yo Gotti ft. Nicki Manaj-Rake it Up, Sin City-Christian 

Light Design: London Brison 

Cast: Neely Aaron, Blayke Adkinson, Taylor Bagley, A’lexus Crooms, Drake Dombroski, McCall Donoho, Anne Greve Knutzen, Josette LoScalzo, Raven Lucas, Le’ Mia Mindingall, Shayla Mosley, Emma Shepherd, Erin Smith, Miche’ Smith, Allyson Trimble, Shaina Trumer  

  • Intimate Humanity

Choreographer: London Brison 

Music: Max Richter-Only Questions & Family Circles, Dustin O’Halloran-An Ending, A Beginning, Peter Bruderick-Floating/Sinking 

Light Design: Miche’ Smith 

Cast: Katie Breland, Madison Brown, Ali Kurhajec, Nikita Ruffolo, Erin Smith, Brooke Whigham 

Understudy: Josette LoScalzo  

  • Turning Points

Choreographer: Angelene Kendall 

Music: The Dream and Letters-Theodore Shapiro, If I Ruled the World-Nas, Migrants-Federico Albanese, Sometimes-Goldmund, Angry Black Woman Poem-Porsha O, You Don’t Own Me-Son Lux 

Light Design: Kezia Moore 

Cast: Neely Aaron, Chloe Arrigo, Madison Brown, Kenzie Haynes, Kiser Olds, Caitlynn Quintela, Nikita Ruffolo, Raquel Travare, Makayla Wade, Deborah Williams, Jarvis Williams 

Understudies: Raven Lucas, Emma Twiggs  

  • Searching in the Hour of Darkness

Choreographer: Phebe Brooks 

Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto 

Light Design: Neely Aaron 

Cast: Drake Dombroski, Katey Fleming, Abigail Howard, Ella Pittman, Jordan Prough, Madison Williams, Sydney Wingate 

Understudies: Anna Cummings, Shaniya Sauerwald  

  • You Know No One True, Till it’s Over

Choreographer: Brooke Whigham 

Music: Sinking Friendships-Jonsi 

Light Design: Courtney Doolittle 

Cast: Neely Aaron, Blayke Adkinson, Brooke Bates, Katie Breland, Madison Brown, Morgan Brown, Josette LoScalzo, Caitlynn Quintela, Emma Shepherd, Shelby Silliman, Carly Smith 

Understudies: Lilyanna Everett, Sarah Beth Ganey  

  • Just Fine

Choreographer: Erin Smith 

Music: Mary J. Blige 

Light Design: Emma Shepherd 

Cast: Madison Antinazi, Chloe Arrigo, Madison Brown, Morgan Brown, A’ lexus Crooms, Hannah Echols, Sarah Beth Ganey, Maya Jaramillo, Anne Greve Knutzen, Ali Kurhajec, Mary Beth Moore, Shayla Mosley, Kiser Olds, Nikita Ruffolo, Caylee Sanders, Shaniya Sauerwald, Carly Smith, Allyson Trimble, Shaina Trumer, Emma Twiggs, Makayla Wade, Brooke Whigham, Deborah Williams, Kathryn Williams