TROY students give, traveling to Houston for hurricane relief

September 1, 2017

Troy University students have come together to contribute to the relief efforts for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The Student Government Association is calling the relief efforts “Together We Rise for Relief” and is urging students to donate food and supplies or give financially.

“Our hearts go out to the many lives that are enduring harsh conditions such as physical sickness, lack of food, water, and shelter right now,” Douglas Dick, vice president of campus activities, said in a campus-wide email. “It is my biggest hope that we can come together as a Trojan family, and lend our helping hands in these ways.”

Lambda Chi Alpha is preparing to take a group of between 12 and 20 people to Houston, the majority of which are students.

“We are going out to the greater Houston area with a group Friday morning,” Lambda Chi Alpha President Joe Payne said. “We are going to help any way we can, bringing food and doing demolition on houses. We want to give them two good days of work.

“We are already planning a follow-up trip in the next few weeks to take more people and more supplies.”

To give financially, the SGA is asking students to donate to the Sun Belt Conference GoFundMe page.

“Every dollar counts, and we are urging you all to donate for such a great cause,” Dick said.

To donate, visit

Other campus organizations are also collecting supplies to send to Texas, including the Student Athletic Advisory Council, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Lambda Chi Alpha and Campus Outreach.

Everything dropped off at the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity house, Chick-fil-A in Troy or Hazel’s will be matched by the fraternity, according to Payne. He said the fraternity has already received two small U-Haul trailers full of supplies.

“We have a very generous and caring student body,” Sadaris Williams, coordinator of student involvement and leadership, said. “I think our students will come to aid the victims from Hurricane Harvey, just like we have always done in the past during a tragedy.”