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It Came from the Archives: TROY in the 1950s

January 31, 2019
By Dr. Marty Olliff

“Selected Views of Troy State College” – An Artvue Post Card Co. Souvenir Booklet

In the mid-1950s, Artvue Post Card Company of New York published a booklet depicting ten buildings on the Troy University Campus. Artvue was founded in 1936, and in 1952 purchased the Albertype Company, which allowed it to publish Baseball Hall of…

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It Came from the Archives: Sawmills of the Wiregrass

August 30, 2018
By Dr. Marty Olliff

Although the Wiregrass is known for commercial-scale peanut and cotton agriculture, those were late comers to the region’s economic life. Hunting and bottom-land gardening fed the original Native American inhabitants, and white settlers merely added droving of rangy cattle and hogs to the mix.

Eventually, naval stores and small-scale logging supplemented the new inhabitants’ incomes,…

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Traveling postcards exhibits to showcase Alabama’s historic streets, buildings

September 27, 2016
By Andy Ellis

Beginning in October, Troy University Libraries will present a pair of traveling exhibits created by faculty members of historical postcards showcasing cities and towns from around Alabama as a part of the lead-up to Alabama’s bicentennial celebration.

The exhibits will feature postcards, ranging from the early 1900s to the 1960s, from the Wade Hall Collection…

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