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Troy University enrolls record number of 1+2+1 Sino-American Dual Degree students

August 14, 2019
By Andy Ellis

Among the students returning to classes this fall at Troy University is a record number of participants in the 1+2+1 Sino-American Dual Degree Program.

Nearly 180 students from 15 Chinese universities are enrolled at TROY this fall as a part of the dual-degree program. The students arrived a few weeks ahead of their American classmates…

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TROY personnel describe ‘awesome’ China experience

July 26, 2019
By Greg Phillips

Thanks to the Confucius Institute, a group of Troy University representatives recently toured China, exploring the mutual benefits of TROY’s relationship with the country while learning and teaching along the way.

The excursion took the TROY representatives to Shanghai, Chongqing, Xi’an and Beijing, an experience that included both educational and cultural visits.

“My trip to…

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Hawkins to 1+2+1 Presidents Forum: International students bring value to U.S. campuses

July 15, 2019
By Matt Clower

Troy University was one of the first institutions to join the 1+2+1 Program, a groundbreaking partnership between American and Chinese universities that has paved the way for thousands of Chinese students to study in the U.S.

The 1+2+1 program has not only benefited the Chinese students, it has also been transformative for Troy University, said Chancellor…

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