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Study abroad to Cuba opens eyes to a different world

July 20, 2017
By Nathaniel Rodriguez

When you go to another country to study abroad, you are exposed to a different perspective. When you study abroad in Cuba, you enter a different world, where the archaic and the modern inhabit the same space.

Imagine streets filled with people dressed in modern fashions, driving vibrant cars from the fifties or riding horse-drawn…

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Full Steam Ahead: TROY students embrace second week in at the DAP Festival

June 30, 2017
By Marion Givhan

Marion Givhan is on site with the Troy University Department of Theatre and Dance in Pietrasanta, Italy, as students take part in the DAP Festival. Read Part One of Marion’s coverage here.

One would think that living in the southern United States would provide ample experience with handling hot, humid, and generally difficult weather. Heat…

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