TROY Career Services Shifts to Online Job Assistance

TROY’s Office of Career Services is taking steps to help students get hired in a job market that is increasingly online thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The unemployment rate in Alabama continues to rise as the pandemic plays out. The most recent numbers from the Alabama Department of Labor show more than 176,000 people unemployed in the state.

Employers are starting to hire again, said Emily Reiss, TROY Career Counsellor, but things look a bit different these days. There is a heavier emphasis on virtual networking and online interviews, and the Office of Career Services is adjusting as well to help students entering the job hunt.

“We have notice that in a lot companies and a lot industries, everything is going online and going virtual, and we have tried to jump on board with that to promote our office and help students at the same time, Reiss said. “We are doing virtual workshops and hosting our first ever virtual career fair.”

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