Former student-athlete Leah Brundidge helps keep current Trojans on track.

A former Trojan softball player has made the move from the field to the fieldhouse helping current Trojan athletes stay on track academically.

Leah Brundidge is TROY Athletics Director of Compliance. While she once spent her time on the softball field, Brundidge now spends her days in the Tine Davis Fieldhouse heling make sure TROY Athletics stays compliant to NCAA guidelines.

While her job has her keeping tabs on all TROY sports, Brundidge still has a special place in her heart for her former team and can often be seen cheering the team on from the stands whenever she has the chance.

“So I still support the softball team as much as my schedule allows, but I try to make, if not all, the majority of the home games when I can,” says Brundidge.

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