TROY alumnus David Smith responsible for the “look” of Troy University athletics.

If you are a Trojan fan with a schedule poster for any of TROY’s teams on your wall there is good chance you are showing off the work of David Smith.

Smith is a Troy University graduate who now serves as the Director of Creative Services for Troy Sports Properties and handles the creation of most of the iconic TROY imaging you see all over.

While his creativity is regularly on display, Smith does it all while working with a disability he says is called limb deficiency.

“I am missing two fingers on my left, my whole arm on my right past my elbow,” says Smith. “Something I have grown up with… I’ve gotten used to… something I have always said it doesn’t define who I am, it enhances who I want to be.”

As native of nearby Brundidge, Smith’s local connection was something that made him attractive to TROY athletics.

“What you look at with our posters, our graphics, everything David and I work a lot together on that to make sure we stay within our brand standards and really making sure we are doing our best we can to represent TROY to the highest degree,” says Executive Associate Athletic Director Kyle George. “David being from this area and a TROY graduate, he obviously cares a lot about it as well too which you can tell. All the work that he does, there’s a lot of love and blood sweat and tears he puts into that for us as well.”

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