Troy University’s Student Government Association works to preserve the “Kissing Rock.”

The “Kissing Rock” is a tradition that many current Troy University students may not be aware of but its position on campus could be threatened and the Student Government Association is working to make sure it stays a part of TROY tradition.

In its Tuesday night meeting the SGA passed a resolution that will encourage the University to make sure the chunk of petrified wood outside of McCartha Hall known as the “Kissing Rock” is protected from the demolition planned for McCartha later this year.

Tradition has it that if a couple kisses on the rock that they will have a lasting relationship.

The rock has been in the same spot outside of McCartha Hall for decades but it has recently been overtaken by bushes meaning many current TROY students may not even know of its existence.

The SGA not only hopes to preserve the “Kissing Rock” but try to bring that piece of tradition back to current students.

“The kissing rock is a piece of petrified wood that sits right in front of McCartha Hall not many students know about it but some do,” says SGA Executive Vice President Carter Ray. “McCartha Hall is about to be demolished therefore the SGA would like to preserve it and we need to move it out of the way so that the construction crews do not damage it.”

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