Student Government Association addresses classroom cell phone confiscation.

Troy University’s Student Government Association is tackling the topic of cell phones in the classroom.

The SGA proposed some new legislation at its last meeting based on concerns from students about some instructors on campus confiscating student cell phones prior to the start of their classes.

The resolution is asking the Dean of Student Services to look into the practice and take action based on the cell phone policy stated in Troy University’s student handbook, The Oracle.

“Basically we’ve had several students file complaints with us stating that teachers are taking their cell phones before class begins even though there’s never been any particular incident that took place during the class or there was no disruptions,” says SGA Vice President Carter Ray. “We think that it’s important for the teachers to maintain order and control in the classroom and for the learning environment to be at an optimum level but we think you can do that without confiscating cell phones before during or after class.”

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