TROY Cheerleaders perform socially distant routine for UCA national competition.

Troy University’s cheerleaders competed in the first round of the Universal Cheerleaders Association’s National Competition on Tuesday night from a venue they are quite familiar with, Trojan Arena.

The team would normally perform their routine live at the national competition in Orlando however this year due to COVID they competed virtually shooting a video of their routine for submission into this year’s contest.

The cheerleaders performed their routine in front of family and friends in the arena providing an opportunity to see a routine they normally wouldn’t have gotten to see if the squad was in Orlando.

“Usually at Nationals there’s not that many fanbases that normally want to travel all the way to Orlando so mostly it is just family that is there,” says TROY Cheer Coach Nicholas Laracuente. “Being able to have family and friends in their own house kind of makes it a little more enjoyable and get to cheer for little more people.”

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