International Students Cultural Organization offers fun and educational way to connect with TROY’s diverse student body.

Troy University is often referred to as Alabama’s International University based on its extensive and diverse enrollment of students from around the world. The International Students Cultural Organization or ISCO is designed to help bring all of those cultures together in a fun and educational way.

ISCO has been part of TROY University’s history for 46 years. The organization brings international and domestic students together and highlights unique cultures on campus.

“It was started by Pakistani student who wanted to create and establish an intercultural organization to bring the various kids from different countries together in a social group,” says ISCO Advisor Joe McCall.

ISCO has country nights every Thursday and the ISCO festival is one of the biggest events on campus every year. The variety of activities gives students a chance to explore other country’s cultures.

ISCO had to scale back its country nights this year due to COVID but plans to return to normal weekly meeting next year.

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