Troy University holds virtual prom for incoming students.

Troy University wants high schoolers who are coming to TROY in the fall to participate in a virtual prom this week.

Taking place on the social media app Tik Tok, Troy University is asking incoming students to post videos of themselves trying to dance better than Troy University’s mascot T-Roy.

The dance can be found at

The virtual prom was born out of last’s year’s pandemic and the school wanted to keep it going this year as a way of connecting high school students to their new college home.

“They were dealing with prom cancellations. They were losing a lot of the experiences from their senior years and we wanted to find a way for TROY to serve those people in a way that was fun,” says Autumn Baggett-Griggs, Director of Enrollment Marketing. “There are a lot of people that would say ‘Hey I’m going to Troy. This is my major. It’s nice to meet you. Hey are you going to be in band? Me too.’ So you know it’s good to see people connecting with each other that way.”

The winners will be awarded a $500 scholarship. They will also be mailed a sash with a crown for the King, and a tiara for the Queen.

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