Short the Squirrel celebrates second birthday with a Mardi Gras themed graduation

The 22nd day of the 2nd month in 2022 was Short the Squirrel’s second birthday celebration.

The literature-loving squirrel had a two-in-one celebratory event due to also graduating from Troy University’s IDEA Bank in downtown Troy.

“We are excited to celebrate Short’s second birthday party but we are also excited about Short’s graduation from the IDEA Bank,” says Short the Squirrel Program Co-Founder Dr. Dee Bennett. “He will be transitioning into the Pike County Economic Development Center.”

Short’s big move called for an event that was filled with all of his friends, goodies and giveaways after a day of him traveling across the state to multiple schools for sharing his message.

“By taking short into communities and into schools we’re giving children the gift of seeing a character come to life,” says Short the Squirrel Program Co-Founder Monica Anderson Young. “So from the page from the videos to in reality the same message is reiterated three ways and that is waiting time is reading time and Short loves you and Short wants you to read.”

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