Troy University students participate in walk for International Peace Day.

Tuesday was the United Nations International Day of Peace and Tuesday night Troy University‘s International Student Cultural Organization celebrated the day with a Peace Walk through campus.

“Tonight was our yearly celebration of the United Nations International Day of Peace,” says ISCO President Jackson Kiger. “It’s a day that we mark by doing one of our flag marches as well as having multiple speakers and just a continued celebration of international peace.”

Troy University students, faculty, staff and friends marched from Hawkins Adams Long Hall to the International Arts Center carrying flags of various countries. Organizers say the best part was there were not enough flags for the people celebrating peace.

“When I saw the numbers of kids growing and growing and growing and I realized we didn’t have near enough flags my heart just filled up,” says ISCO Adviser Joe McCall. “Because it meant that there are students all over the campus who care about this, who want to be a part of it, and not just students, so it just was a great moment when I saw the crowd out in front of HAL Hall it just blew me away.”

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