Troy University’s Hamil and Gardner Halls set for demolition.

A pair of Troy University dorms will soon be demolished to make room for future expansion on campus.

Hamil and Gardner Halls are scheduled to be torn down in the next few weeks.

According to Dean of Students Herb Reeves, the university had to decide between renovation or demolition after the end of the spring semester.

“We had to make a decision either to put significant amount of money into both buildings or to demolish them and look at something new down the road,” says Reeves. “So, the decision was made to demolish both of the buildings.”

Both buildings were built in the 1960s and housed students for over fifty years but Reeves says certain features of the buildings, like communal bathrooms, are not what students want when looking into dorm life.

“The way they are set up now they have outlived their usefulness and they are not the type of living that students on campus want,” adds Reeves.  “I know from a parental standpoint it is not what they want their sons or daughters to live in.”

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