Artificial intelligence prompts TROY professors to create new policies

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — As artificial intelligence (AI) grows in popularity, Troy University is making its stance on the new technology very clear.

AI uses computer algorithms to replicate human behaviors. Although it can be a useful resource, TROY stands by its opinion that it should not be should be used for schoolwork. The University’s opinion comes as the use of AI in the classroom raises concerns about academic integrity.

“I think we’re going to see an increase in the number of people that attempt to use AI as a as a means to supplement their work,” said Dean of Student Services Herb Reeves.

Currently, Troy University does not have its own policy about artificial intelligence. Despite that, some professors are updating their syllabi to include a section about AI.

“They’re paying attention to the the changes in the writing, not necessarily so much the style, but the information that’s being given,” Reeves explained. “Look at it and then they’re going back and checking. A lot of our faculty still use Turnitin for for a variety of papers.”

According to Reevess, the act of using artificial intelligence for schoolwork is considered plagiarism, which is not something the University takes lightly.

“Consequences could be anything from a disciplinary warning or probation, which basically allows them to stay in school but puts them on notice, all the way up to a suspension or expulsion for a period of time,” Reeves said. “Shortcutting is not the way to go. Do your work, do your own work, present your own work. You may or may not get caught doing it, but is it really worth the future of your education?”

Although TROY does not have an existing AI policy, Reeves told TrojanVision a committee is working to create one that would be used throughout the University.