Troy University IMPACT Leaders prepare for this year’s new student orientation.

The beginning of Troy University‘s summer IMPACT orientation is just a few short weeks away, however, before the student IMPACT leaders can teach new students about the campus they have some learning to do themselves.

The student leaders of Troy University’s new student orientation, known as IMPACT, started training this week.

The student leaders were selected in the spring to be the student guides for incoming freshman this summer.

The IMPACT leaders go through two weeks of intensive training about the university so they can share that knowledge with the newest Trojans in each of the nine sessions this summer.

“This week the IMPACT leaders are kind of beginning their two-week training process,” says Admissions Counselor Josh Marvin. “They’re kind of seeing a lot of the faces from the programs that they’re involved with and learning more about how to equip our freshmen and our incoming students on how to be successful at TROY.”

The IMPACT leaders are looking forward to the opportunity to work with the new students as the campus starts to return to normal life after a COVID-affected year.

“I think with COVID calming down a little bit that it’s going to be really fun,” says IMPACT Leader Abby Hollis. “We’re going to get to be super hands-on and really get to know the students and I think it’s just going to be a great experience to get to know them and even though things are a little bit different TROY’s always the same and so that’s going to be great to have a constant in those students lives.”

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