Meet TROY’s 2024 IMPACT leaders

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Before incoming freshman arrive for IMPACT student orientation, the students walking them through the process must undergo their own orientation in order to become IMPACT leaders.

Over a two-day period students will be given a taste of what life will be like like for them come August. They enjoy campus tours, activities at Butter and Egg Adventures and various activities. IMPACT leaders are current students who help the freshman along the way.

After applications and rounds of interviews, a select few students were deemed 2024 IMPACT leaders. This year’s crew includes Olivia Barron, Gracy Black, Camden Cummings, Bryson Grimsley. Grace Hatchell, Coryn Kendrick, Dylan Maxwell, Jayden McQueen, Chandler Paymon, Addyson Plier, Jessica Reese, Jaden Scrushy, Bradley Smith and Daniel Tranum.

IMPACT 2024 leaders; courtesy of TROY IMPACT

Being an IMPACT leader means more than being just a tour guide.

“It requires extensive knowledge about the University and its departments,” explained IMPACT leader Gracy Black. “We’ve been getting to hear from a bunch of different departments and all the deans of the colleges, and just getting all the information we might need to answer any kind of questions and make their transition a little easier.”

Although orientation is meant for new students, IMPACT leaders had a lot to learn as well.

“What I’ve learned is how to turn negatives into positives, like sometimes there’s going to be stuff that gets thrown your way and it’s going to be bumming for a little bit, but if you can turn that into a positive, then you’re going to be better better for it in the future,” leader Dylan Maxwell said.

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Some of this year’s leaders were inspired by their own IMPACT experience.

“It was my IMPACT leaders when I went through IMPACT two years ago,” Black told TrojanVision. “I absolutely fell in love with it, and I remember sitting on that bus going to Butter and Egg and I was like. I am going to do this one day. I’m just excited to meet all the new students. I’m excited to get them excited about TROY, and be able to have an impact on their college career.”

There are two IMPACT sessions per week throughout the summer until mid July.