Veterans Memorial Stadium to return to 100 percent capacity this fall.

Troy University Athletics has announced that after a year of COVID restrictions Veterans Memorial Stadium will return to 100 percent capacity for football game this fall.

“We’ll be moving to 100 capacity for all outdoor sports for the fall,” says Executive Associate Athletic Director Kyle George. “We’re really excited to get back to what a normal football game day as well as all of our sports will look like.”

Stadium capacity is not the only change, the 2021 football season will include the return of the pregame Trojan Walk and the Sound of the South and TROY cheerleaders will be allowed back on the field.

“You won’t see those restrictions when it comes to tailgating,” says George. “You’ll have our traditions coming back with Trojan Walk and things of that nature as well. We’re really glad to be getting back to having where our fans are accustomed to seeing with the band and cheerleaders as part of game day.”

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