History comes alive during Creek War reenactment at the Pioneer Museum of Alabama

Muskets flared and cannons boomed as visitors had the chance to travel to the past this weekend through an immersive reenactment of history at the Pioneer Museum of Alabama.

The “Thunder on the Three Notch” was a historical reenactment of one of the final battles of the Creek War that took place in Pike County.

“There were two battles fought in Pike County in February and March of 1837 which were the last battles of the Creek war,” says event coordinator Bob McClendon. “What was left of the Creeks in Alabama were eventually given land that they were told they could live on for the rest of their lives but by the early 1830s settlers were coming in droves from South Carolina, Georgia and other locations into Alabama and they were pushing the Indians off their land.”

The battle was just part of a weekend full of events at the Pioneer Museum of Alabama which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

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